Varieties of good hair products



At Make My Hair, we give our client the best care for their hair, Every person’s hair is slightly different and therefore requires a slightly different maintenance routine.I find that an oil that is great for one is too heavy for the other. After years of trial and error we have product that can work on various hair type. I am still tweaking those as I find new products and as I gain more experience. But, I will share my routines with you. These should be useful starting points for you to develop your own routine.

As we said earlier, expectations are important when it comes to hair. But, we do have products that will help reduce the frizzyness, to an extent.  we have treatment that can be applied about once a month. It is all-natural and works to gently tame wild hair. We’ve had people of various ethnicities who are very pleased with it. It does not actually alter the structure of the hair like a relaxer would. It can be applied in the home and wears off after several weeks.